Vic Hoyland


1st performance by TACTUS, conducted by Henry Brown, Lyons Concert Hall, University of York.

for 14 players

2 fl(+picc), 2 cl, - trp,tbn – vib(+glk) – hp , pf(=cel0 – 3 vc, 2 db

Commissioned for Tactus with Yorkshire Arts Association Funds

12’ 00” duration 1979

1st Performance

29 February 1980, York, Tactus New Music Ensemble, Henry Brown
Many performances in London, USA and Italy


Real Beauty In York Composer’s New Work. York enjoyed a world premiere in a real sense last night. Vic Hoyland’s Seranade (sic) will be heard in California next week and elsewhere in the U.S. later this month. Serenade is not merely the incisive product - it has more than a few moments of real beauty. Its eight succinct movements, inspired by the Avebury stone-age complex, are full of light and air.
Martin Dreyer in The York Evening Post

In California I received a poem from Maya Gingery:

a serenade – coloured – with flutes – and clarinets – stops – and questions – what – are colors - real? guitars disguised - Insistent tongues – and fingers – land on solid – yellow – mallets – off beat – on – metal beating – gold – it shimmers - stop. – applause. – he stands. – not long. – a serenade.

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