Vic Hoyland

Notre-Dame de Chartres

A remake for soprano soloist, chamber choir and string ensemble or church organ


Drawing on what could be recalled of the original work but with inevitable and significant new input.

The text is drawn from the extended book-length poem "La Cathédrale” by Pierre Hébert. Notre-Dame forms the penultimate part and I have selected phrases; not set the whole poem.

In the mid-sixties I had the opportunity to stay and the poet’s home in Issy les Moulineaux, Paris. I was given a tour of French Gothic cathedrals, culminating at Chartres, and given permission by him to set some words from his poem.

Thanks to my colleague, Jonty Harrison, I was able to acquire a new copy of this poem from a little book shop in La Madeleine, Paris. The recomposition followed on quickly.

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