Vic Hoyland

Hey Presto!

BCMG conducted by Diego Masson. Recording of the "Farewell Vic" Concert at the Barber Institute, Birmingham, 11 February 2011.

for 10 players

Fl, ob, cl – hn in F,trp, tbne – perc x3 –pf

15’ 00” duration 2009
(promotional CD available)
ISMN M 57036 103 8

1st Performance

BCMG conducted by Diego Masson, 16 October 2009, CBSO Centre, Birmingham


Hey Presto!, a gripping discourse between the Commedia dell’Arte characters Pierrot, Columbine and Harlequin represented by concertante flute, oboe and clarinet … It teems with drama.
Christopher Morley, Birmingham Post, 19 October 2009


A video of a late night, post-concert public discussion in the bar-foyer of the CBSO Centre, Birmingham, immediately after a very long concert.

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