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Essex-Xingu souvenir programme page 19

Those responsible for the production of Xingu would like to thank the following individuals and organisations for their generous contributions of time, finance and resources: (1979)

The Advertisers and Sponsors of this brochure, and the following for:

their direct financial support
Ozalid (U.K.) Ltd.
Pitney-Bowes Ltd
Revertex Ltd
E.S.A. Creative Learning
Joan Collins
Alison Love
Seona Reid
Luke Rittner
Lithographic Printing
Nickeloid Litho
Harold Erenberg of Erenberg Design & Print (printed on a HEIDELBERG KORD 64)
Bowaters Paper Sales Ltd. (Nimrod Art 135 g/m2)
Wiggins Teape Paper Ltd.
(IBM Type Composer) Ksenia Norall & Trevor-Hobbs Ltd
Proofing and editing
Alison Love
Art Direction, Photography and Layouts
Mike Spike & Teresa Gach
Brochure published by
Duplock, Coggins
Ron Kettle, The British Institute of Recorded Sound, Curator
John Burton, Organiser., Natural History Inst. BBC Bristol
Sandra Wellington
The Brazilian Embassy Cultural Section
Victoria Hughes
The Belmont Manu. Co. Ltd., Manchester
Benny Ong Ltd., London
Claridge Mills, Selkirk
Numatex Associates, London
Pongees Ltd., London
Pretty Polly Ltd.
Intercom System
Britannia Row
Dylon International
Jacobs, Young & Westbury, Haywards Heath
Make up
Leichner (London) Ltd.
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Plastic tape
Rotunda Ltd., Manchester
Resolag foam pipe lagging
Resora Ltd., Byfleet
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Caravans International Ltd
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Southend & District Standard
Billericay Recorder
Recorder Basildon's Newspaper
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Radiol Chemicals Ltd.
The Guardian
Univeral Edition
Terry’s, York
RAT Manufacturing
VIEW Magazine
Petrobras Comércio Internacional S.A. Interbras
The Brazilian Coffee Institute
The Brazilian Institute of Sugar and Alcohol
The Belmont Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

Constructor - Blue Butterfly effect

Ernest Barton works as a Media Resources Officer for the ILEA, started building kites four and a half years ago, in order to take aerial photographs. He has since made approximately a hundred kites, of various fabrics such as silk, nylon and cotton, and is one of only five per cent of kite flyers who build their own kites. The blue butterfly, which he has made for 'Xingu', took him about four weeks to complete, including the drawing, building and testing of the kite. Ernest is a member of both the American and the British Kite Flying Associations, and he lives a stone's throw from Blackheath. His ambition is to persuade the Air Ministry to increase the regulation flying limit: at present kites cannot be flown above 200 feet. He accepts commissions for hand-made kites.

The Essex Youth Orchestra gratefully acknowledges financial assistance from the Eastern Arts Association in the staging of this production

Hammersmith Riverside Arts Trust Ltd. acknowledges financial assistance from the London Borough of Hammersmith, The Arts Council of Great Britain and Greater London Arts Association.