Vic Hoyland

14: Jean Louis Barrault: Les Enfants du Paradis

Louis Barrault - Les Enfant du Paradis

Jean Louis Barrault: Les Enfants du Paradis, 1948; his and its relevance, especially ES and Hey Presto! But, in truth, all I have done (Paris 1966 and Jean Genet’s “Les Paravents” at the Odeon, Paris)

My aspiration: to write a music that is physical; that dances, that struggles, that strains, stretches and points, that moves, that needs to rest, that sings.

I’ll say this now, and maybe a little louder later on: my intention is to compose in a way which can connect the simplest of materials to the most complex and to integrate the one within the other, so that, at any moment, the music can veer toward modal, even tonal elements, whole tone, octatonic and fully chromatic, verging on serial technique.