Vic Hoyland

Letter from Graham Treacher, NMT

Graham Treacher, 2010

From: Graham Treacher
Sent: 22 March 2010 17:39
To: Vic Hoyland


Well done last week. I wonder if you have come down by now? Without doubt Birmingham " will never see or hear the like again".

It was a great ruined, decrepid venue, cleansed of all methodists, so you methodicals could take over.
The scale of it reminded me of the Berlioz Grand Messe in York Minster, with the four bands high on scaffelled towers representing the four "corners of the world".

Well chosen, and of course Laborintus interested me greatly.
You used the space tellingly, and only the amplification was too raucous at times, which obscured the other textures.
But it was great. A key work from the past, and much still exciting.
Wish you'd put your "extra thoughts" in the programme.
Unless one understands Italian, there is so much going on to be missed.
David* and I know so well what you must have gone through!!

The idea of the choral works was an extraordinary experience. I know why you did it. "Spem" felt absolutely right, and timely, historically past yet present.
(The Allegri is a hard nut to crack, and not in the same class says I)

So, onwards and upwards to other things. beyond on the planet for the time being. Well done for sticking at Birmingham and achieving so much for so many people.

Hope we meet soon.

GT xxxx

Debbie was thrilled and stunned by the sound.
Yes. Zingu was even bigger. The butterfly ought to soar again some day.
And of course, it bankrupted the Essex County Council Education budget, and got me the sack!!

*David Sawer (NMT)