Vic Hoyland

Letter from Anthony Powers

Anthony Powers, 2010

To: Vic Hoyland
From: Anthony Powers/smuap/CardiffUniversity
Date: 23/03/2010 16:29
Subject: Q Club Concert

Dear Vic and Jonty,

Vic! I really WAS 'overjoyed', for you both and all involved - it was an amazing evening, deserving at least 4 stars, so huge congratulations. Took me back to glory days at York, and Boulez/Glock Proms.

As one who has put on numerous concerts of contemporary music with students at Cardiff University I was more than impressed with the Q Club concert, utterly delighted and amazed to see and hear such commitment from students to the most challenging modern repertoire and iconic 'a capella' choral pieces. For you and Jonty to have organised and rehearsed such a demanding programme with the huge resources involved is a truly formidable undertaking, but everyone and everything worked brilliantly to produce an unforgettable event.

Stockausen's 'Carre' has not been heard in the UK for several decades, so this was a historic achievement by any standards: to achieve a performance with students of the flair and accuracy which it had is absolutely remarkable, and is a great tribute to the Music Department at Birmingham University, especially to Vic Hoyland and Jonty Harrison. Having conducted Berio's Laborintus II more than once with students, I know what it entails, but would never have dared attempt a full staging! This production was a feat of imagination that illuminated the work afresh, its impact as strong and novel as it must have originally been in the 1960s. Heartfelt congratulations to all involved - and thank you all for a moving and inspiring occasion!"

all best, Anthony