Vic Hoyland

Intensity at a rare pitch

Robert Maycock, 1987

Queen Elizabeth Hall
Robert Maycock

...A somewhat different Endymion Ensemble reassembled one by one as the late evening concert unfolded. The ritual was like one of Birtwistle's, or Haydn's Farewell in reverse: first in was picked up by spotlight, played his solo, took a seat while the next player arrived, and so they continued until, with seven gathered, it was time for another version of the Machaut, which has started to take on the character of a symbolic object whose mysteries deepen with each encounter — this time courtesy of Vic Hoyland, who scored it rather than composed with it, if scoring is an adequate word for the discoveries this vivid instrumentation made.

Hoyland also provided the trombonist, Simon Wills, with Work Out. Asked for something noisy, he went for the rough and surreal...