Vic Hoyland

Christmas Concert Review


The Frestonian, Autumn 1962

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Undoubtedly this was one of the better concerts performed under Mr. Jones' baton. Unlike most of his escapades the concert remained serious throughout - no doubt this was due to the presence of a West Riding official.

The concert opened with, and was dominated by, “The Christmas Story," a work composed by Bach's precursor — Schültz.

The second half of the concert was mainly instrumental, though a few familiar carols were incorporated; it opened with a divertimento (No. 9 B Flat) for wind-band (quintet) by Mozart. This was followed by a carol, “Unto us a boy is born” written by a sixth form music student – Russell Dawson. The brass-band interrupted the procedure with four canzonas by Orlando di Lano.

Music, so far, had been rather heavy and something was required to lighten the texture – a piano quartet by D. V. Hoyland, reminiscent of Debussy and Stravinsky: his work has been described as being “cacophonous.” After eight minutes of confusion came a soothing, sublime carol by Rubbra, “Dormi Jesu.” Mr. de Boer, "an old friend of the school,” volunteered to play one of Handel's sonatas for accompanied violin; this gave Mr Jones a chance to show off his brilliance.

“Sonata in one movement” - an extremely difficult piano solo – was written and well played by A. K. Stephens! This work studiously follows the romantic forms of the mid-nineteenth century but also includes a lush theme reminiscent of the popular idiom.

A trio for clarinets, composed by Handel, followed, and the concert ended with “that" carol – “Ding Dong Merrily on High” (apparently this carol is very popular in school).

D. V. Hoyland, LVIA.