Vic Hoyland


Active as a composer since 1970 and first published with Universal Edition (London) at the age of 25. Works prior to 1994 are held by Universal Edition (London), now housed at Vienna. Works after 1994 are held by Composers Edition. Between 1980 - 2011 Vic was firstly, Haywood Research Fellow at The Barber Institute, then lecturer, and in turn senior lecturer, reader, and eventually professor of composition at The University of Birmingham. He retired in September 2011, and was soon after conferred as emeritus professor. Vic was actively involved in the performance of instrumental music and music theatre (a founder director of Northern Music Theatre, based at York, with performances at London, York, Huddersfield, and Bath Festivals etc). He worked alongside Jonty Harrison (founder/director of BEAST ) and major productions were mounted in Birmingham over a 30 year period of collaboration. Their final extravaganza was at the Q Club, Birmingham - Squares Circles Labyrinths. Vic, alongside Simon Rattle and Simon Clugston, established the association of Birmingham Contemporary Music Group with the university, 15 years ago, and this association continues to flourish after his retirement. He lectured/examined at York, Sheffield, The Royal Academy of Music, London, London University, City University, the universities of Cardiff, Queens Belfast, Durham, Huddersfield and UCSD, California.